Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charlie (Previously Jiminy Cricket)

Charlie has settled in great with his new family. His first night was scary and trying, but he made it through like a real trooper. Since then, he has made himself at home and became King Cat (he is the only cat in the house).

He enjoys playing with all his toys as well as Toto's toys. His new friend, Toto, is a greyhound. Some nights he likes to tease Toto and basically gets ignored by Toto. It is fun to watch him "try" to get his attention and then after a bit, he gives up and moves on to the toys. His favorite toys are a ball of tin foil and plastic balls with bells in them. He likes to pick them up with his teeth and move them to the room in which he wishes to play in. He loves toys that have feathers or balls on the end of a string because this requires me to play with him! He loves the "mom" time.

When he's had enough play time, he jumps into his mom's lap (me) and takes a nap. As he first jumps into my lap, he gives me a nice "I Love You" head butt. It's real cool. His personality keeps shining through each day. So much joy to watch them grow, learn, and become their own little self.

A Happy Adopter