Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vesper (formerly Moppet) & Cecil

Hello Sarah,

I am more than happy to tell you about the cats we adopted from the rescue. My husband, Larry, and I adopted Moppet (We renamed her Vesper) in October and Cecil in January. Vesper will be a year in June and she is the sweetest cat I have every known. She gives "kisses" and loves to be held and carried around like a baby. She was getting a bit fat so we had to start regulating her food intake and she is now back down to a better weight. She seemed like she wasn't getting enough attention so we got Cecil to be her play-mate. It took them about 3 weeks before they could be in the house together. Now they are mostly indifferent to each other aside from the occasional bath. Speaking of baths, Vesper hates them and Cecil, though he doesn't like them much either, purrs through them. When we first got Cecil from the shelter, he had herpes and his eye was acting up a bit. Well, several hundred dollars and many vet visits later, it turns out Cecil doesn't have tear ducts. The cause is unclear, it could be from scarring from the herpes, a birth defect, etc. So we clean his eye twice a day to prevent infections. Other than that, he is the cutest cat I have ever seen which has saved his life many times as he is also a very bad cat (of course, I say this with love). He isn't deterred by the classic water bottle, loud noises, etc but he seems to be getting better with age. He is very playful but doesn't like to be held much. Thanks for asking! I have attached pictures of both cats for you!