Friday, April 9, 2010

Milo (formerly Butternut)

Hi Sarah,
Our kitten, who is now known as Milo is doing great. We had an initial adjustment period with the dog, although most of the adjustment was done by the dog. Now, they are best friends. In fact, we use to keep our dog (Crash) closed in the mud room while we were gone, but Milo would spend the day sitting next to the door to be with Crash. Now we leave them both out together and generally come home to find them both squeezed onto the dog bed in the mud room. Milo is a very affectionate cat, who loves to sit in my lap and purr. He does not like to be picked up, but prefers to cuddle on his own terms. He is great friends with our daughter (11), but stays clear of larger groups of children. Milo has become and important member of our family, and we are so glad to have him.
I wish I had better pictures for you. In the most recent photo he's wearing Easter ears (we apologize for the undignified treatment, but it was brief), and in the others he's still fairly young.
Thanks for checking in, and thanks for sharing Milo with us.