Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Midnight (formerly Seymour)

Midnight was found as a stray by one of our former employees (and now volunteer), Debbie. He was in her backyard eating bird seed. He was literally starving. Here is an update on this sweet guy! - Sarah

Dear Debbie,

I am so glad for your note and concern. I have wondered about you so frequently. Seymour (now Midnight...named by our daughter) is doing wonderfully. He was very sick, and emaciated. He'd throw up regularly - through ...I'd say December...then eventually that faded away. (thank goodness) His coat is incredible.(glossy and fluffy) In addition he has put on weight and then some. In the beginning he would eat anything we gave him, including trying to steal food from the pantry, table and counters, now he has his favorites and is very content. He is a really good kitty, very mellow (he doesn't even run from the vacuum) and confident. I love him dearly. I keep telling people " I never knew I was such a cat person". Oh yeah, he is a great snuggler.
It may be my imagination but he looks at me and treats me as though he is truly grateful for the care I have given him.

I often wonder what his story is? We think he must have been loved and spoiled before he came to us due to some of his idiosyncrasies. He has traits indicating to us he was incredibly cared for. The sound of a can opener or a treat bag being opened brings him running. He doesn't jump on the counters or table nor is he frightened of Lucy our lab. I just hope someone is not looking and waiting for him.

He really is a great friend.

Attached is a picture for you.

Thank you.
Kara Brown

PS I am heading to bed for my snuggles.