Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jazzie (formerly Maria) & Ollie (formerly Jelly Bean)

We have two kitties from you guys and they are both doing great. When we adopted Ollie we had some problems with him getting along with Jazzie, however once we got the Feliway they seemed to tolerate one another a little better. They still have daily tiffs however they seem to be getting along much better. Ollie, formerly "Jelly Bean" is such a lover. He is extremely social and he loves to cuddle. He is not the brightest kitty in the world, he sometimes gets lost in our house and it is sort of funny because we have a VERY small house. Jazzie, is a kitty I adopted from you all 4 years ago. She is doing great. She is healthy and happy. She saved my life when I was going through an extremely tough loss in my life and made all the difference to come home to every day. The two of them are slowly but surely getting along. Time will definitely be the best thing for them, and once Ollie begins to calm down a bit I think they will be just fine together. Thanks so much for helping us out and working with us. I know it was a tough experience for us all. He is doing well and says MEOW!
Here are some pictures for you!