Friday, April 9, 2010

Bella (formerly Baby)

Hi Sarah,

"Bella" (fka "Baby") is doing great. She was a very shy and scared cat for a while, and it didn't help that my other cat was not quick to make friends, but now they get along fabulously. They run around playing, they hang out watching stuff out the window and they groom each other from time to time. A favorite activity for the cats is to do wind sprints from the living room to the bedroom and back to the living room. All the better if its in the middle of the night.
Bella has lost some of her extra weight, probably just from all the exercise and still eats real well. She has the tiniest little meek "meow" that she'll share from time to time, but other than that she's very quiet and still fairly shy. She's definitely the "let her come to you" kind of cat, but she will snuggle up and purr once she's confident you're her buddy. I'm glad to have been able to adopt her after she was at the shelter so long.
Let me know if you have any questions. You all do very good, important work. Keep it up!