Friday, March 5, 2010

Scout (previously Duckie)


My name is now Scout. You called me Ducky when I was at your shelter. My mom says that I am full of it but I don't know what that means! She says I pretend to be a race car but I don't know what that is! My claws are very sharp and I have torn up alot of things so my mom is thinking of putting those soft claws on me until I get a little older. I hope they will be pink ones if she does! Mom has many scratches and scars on her arms and hands. I also jump up on the vanity and get into her jewelry. I don't know why but she doesn't like me to do that. Mom says my middle name is "no".

I love my big sister Tess. She didn't like me at first cuz mom says she was used to being the baby for 10 years. But she tolerates me quite well now. We even sleep together on the bed. I love mom and cuddle with her at night but I like to lay behind her and lay my head on her neck and shoulder. Mom says that when I purr before going to sleep that I sound like a 747 going through the room. I don't know what that is either! I also love my grandma. I rub against her ankles and feet and do figure eights around her feet to get her attention and try to get her to stop talking to my mom. I also meow and do a bdddddd noise to get her attention. I go into the laundry and sit on the dryer and talk to her when she is ironing. She laughs at all the things that I say and do. She loves me almost as much as mom does I think.

Anyway, mom was going to send you our Christmas card she had made with a picture of me and her but didn't get it done so we are sending it late so you can see what I look like. You will see my sister Tess also as she would not cooperate for the picture so mom took one of her lying on the Christmas presents she had just wrapped.

My mom has me on a diet cuz the Vet says I am a little overweight. But it sure hasn't slowed me down any. I have many toys and tunnels to play with but I really love to chase the laser light. I don't seem to ever catch it and then it disappears and I have no idea where it could have gone. I sit and look around and wait for it to come back but sometimes it just doesn't.

I am very very loved and my mom kisses and hugs me all the time. She loves me very much I can tell. Thank you for taking care of me until my mom came to get me.

Scout "No" Gerber