Monday, March 8, 2010

Millie (Previously Mango)

HI! yes, this is our first request we've gotten, so something must have gone a muck. Anyways, as I'm sure you have lots of kitties coming in and out I will give you a brief reminder of who we are. My name is Amanda and I came in with my boyfriend Labor Day weekend looking for a kitty, and we decided to adopt Mango, a small medium hair black kitten, who apparently was the last in the litter to go. It was a very exciting time for us all, and we were so happy to bring her home. We have re-named her Millie, and she is doing great! Really has grown into her own personality, and we fall more in love with her every day (despite her naughty habits haha) We are still trying to break her habit of "wool sucking" or basically nursing on herself that she's had since we brought her home, its gotten better, but still is frustrating at times.
She has taken several trips to my mom's house in Denver and has become quite good friends with her two cats, which has made us consider getting another cat, for both us and for Millie. Her favorite past time activities include playing with her string (so simple, who knew?) and her beloved laser. She is still very snuggly, and extremely playful! We always say she gets "the night crazies" and runs around the house like a raccoon. Matt and I both play hide-and-go seek with her, which sounds strange but is actually fun for us all! Overall, we still are incredibly happy with our new addition to the family, and will hopefully get a little brother or sister for her over the summer! I hope this has helped, and not been too redundant!
As I'm sure you can see we've attached some pictures, they aren't the greatest quality since they were taken with cell phones, and most of them are of us napping haha. But now you can see how big she's gotten! The one with her sitting on the computer and taking a nap with me are some of the older ones (as hopefully you can see with her still relatively small size) The ones with her on her back and in bed are more recent ones, as you can see by her very large size haha. We all thank you so much for bringing us all together!

Amanda, Matt, and Millie