Friday, March 26, 2010

Kodiak (previously Linus)

Hi Sarah! we are definitely enjoying our kitty. We named our kitty Kodiak. He has grown quite a bit since we adopted him in October. He is very playful and very loving. His most favorite game is to play fetch... straws, nerf darts, foam balls, pretty much anything he can drag. He also likes to steal socks and hides them.

He is also very attached to the family. He has learned my routine so well that even when I'm running late in the morning, he's already in the bathroom waiting for me to get in the shower.

I've attached a couple of pics for you to see how handsome he is. The first one is when we first adopted him and the other 2 are of him now.

Thank you so much for having provided Kodiak, and other kitties, a loving place to hang out.

The Fergusons