Monday, February 22, 2010

Titan & Trixie (Formerly Malcolm & Annabelle)

Malcom & Annabelle (now known as Titan & Trixie) have forced their way into everyone's hearts. It took awhile for our other cat to get used to them, but now she's like mama. She'll snag them as they walk by & hold them down and bathe them for hours! Titan & Trixie are very lovable. I wake up some mornings with Titan wrapped around my head. He loves to cuddle and be loved on, as evident by the picture of him sleeping on my husband. He's even great with my 3 year old who insists on rubbing his belly on Titan's belly. Trixie is my 7 year old daughter Elizabeth's cat. Trixie lets my daughter dress her up and even carry her like a baby. Trixie loves Elizabeth, and will throw herself into Beth's arms any chance she can. As most kittens are, the two of them can be quite the trouble makers. They LOVE to shred toilet paper, and I've had to replace one set of curtains thanks to Titan climbing them and shredding them in the process. They oddly don't mind taking baths. I tried to teach them a lesson about walking around the edge of the tub while I'm bathing but it backfired because they actually enjoyed the bath! And they don't fight me when I trim their nails (which has helped in keeping my curtains in tact!). Despite their messes and occasional trouble they are well loved by our entire family.