Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giselle & Pip

sorry sarah, it's so hard to catch our black cats (giselle and pip-brother and sister) with people...the lighting has to be just right. this was a real fluke.
i even forgot their original names. i am in my studio and the info is in the house- it's a long way in the snow...but, i did get them for my birthday almost a year and a half ago...and they are huge- and so different- the female is sleek like a panther and the male turned out to be a long hair and already had a broken hip trying to fly across the overhead stairs...and i might add....i kept my promise and they are indoor cats.
i think you might remember us when our WHOLE family surprised me at the cat rescue...and my husband sat down on the floor and all the cats went to him (a nice baldish man)- my future! son's mother in law surprised me with a kitty and i had to get the other one!!!! at the corner pet store in old town that the fccr had out for the day.

any me.