Friday, October 23, 2009

Rory & Knacky


I adopted Rory and Knacky (whom is now called 'Tycho') back in early July, though at the time was in the process of moving to a pet-friendly apartment, and their Foster Mom was kind enough to take care of them for another month while that was going on. I was SO excited to finally bring them to their new 'forever home' on August 2nd! It didn't take them very long at all to adjust; it seems as though they knew that this would be their permanent home, because after the first few days they were walking around as if they owned the place (and us as well! Haha...)

We love these two so much! I don't think we could have possibly asked for two sweeter, more lovable kittens. They follow me everywhere! Rory is such a cuddle-bug, she is always purring and completely adorable (she also has the cutest little squeaky meow I have ever heard in my life, I cannot deny her anything! Hahaha!). Tycho is a very handsome, quirky and funny little guy! He's always 'talking' to us, and always willing to warm up a lap! They are best buddies and are always curled up with each other; rarely will you find one without the other.

Included are some recent pictures of them (I have so many, it was hard to decide on which ones to send). Thank you so much for a very pleasant experience and for allowing me to adopt my favorite little buddies!! :)