Thursday, August 27, 2009


I started with FCCR as a volunteer and a foster mom in 2007. When I came to the shelter I had hopes of finding my next kitty hopefully soon as well. I had a vision of the perfect cat for me- This kitty would be a shorthair, grey male and of course he would be a young boy as well. I spent a lot of time with the shelter, fostering and caring for kitties. I became staff in 2008 and still had not found the perfect kitty for me. Many kitties came into the shelter and even some of them looked just like the kitty in my dreams, but none of them were the kitty for me.

One day we accepted a kitty from another shelter. I was in the isolation room caring for the cats when I first met the new kitty. Right away I knew this was my kitty. Thank you FCCR for connecting Matt and I with our kitty Pidge. She is an awesome longhaired black and white girl who is 11 years old (10 years at adoption). Pidge has taught me to let go of expectations and you will be greatly rewarded. Please enjoy this picture of her one year after we adopted her.