Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ruby & Oliver a.k.a. Precious & Maxie

Hi Sarah,
I just completed the online survey, but wanted to share some pictures of Oliver (aka Maxie) and Ruby (aka Precious) with you. Oliver loves he LOVES the wood stove. One of the attached pictures is of him ‘heat-bathing’ next to the wood stove. He also loves to sit on the back of the couch and rub heads with us. We recently adopted dogs and Oliver was all-over them, it seems all he’s ever wanted was dogs! He is so much more content now. Ruby is a darling, she is so sweet and such a nice companion, I just love her. She’s also quite the mouser! She’s clearly never been around a dog before, but she is figuring them out, studying them carefully...such a brave girl. The first few weeks after adoption we had the expected growing pains, but all is well now, and we love them so much!
Thanks for all you do for animals,
Erin and David