Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Talouse a.k.a. Koko

Hey Sarah.

Just want to let you know that the lil' boy we adopted is doing phenomenal and has broken out of his shell. What a personality!! I still can not believe he was mistaken as feral and as a girl cat. He loves to be cuddled and actually hugs you when you hold him with one paw on each shoulder and some head nuzzling. He has gained a bit of weight since I adopted him which is good because he was skinny. He sleeps with me every night and sometimes with the dog (his best bud).They really love one another. Thanks again for the check-in! Adoption process was great and affordable for me. Oh yes and we changed his name from KoKo to Talouse. His nick name is loulou.

Thanks~Allison Kennelly