Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mia & Sabrina a.k.a. Sierra & Fiona

Hi, Sarah;

My kitties are doing fine. Mia, the grey mama cat is quiet and content most of the time. Sabrina, the little black kitty (named after the teenage witch) - she is the one who was so badly matted - is a little tiger. She meows loudly and wants a lot of attention and I don't always know what she wants. She likes to be petted and jumps on my chest when I am in bed. Her fur is turning a shiny black with brown undertones. Her face is small and her green eyes are bright and vigilant. She still is into everything and I have to make sure all the closet doors and drawers are tightly shut. I am having a lot of fun with both of them. Thanks for your support.
Josie Beck.