Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bucky a.k.a. Buckwheat

He’s the perfect addition to our home. We call him Bucky…not too far off of his original Buckwheat. Bucky is a lover! He was so playful in the store (which is what caught my fiance’s eye), but once we got him home he showed his sweet snuggly side, which I have never seen from a kitten. He loves to be held and carried around…I guess it makes him feel big and important. He is a limit tester and plays Mother May I games constantly (though he knows perfectly well what is not allowed). I hope he grows out of that! He also loves the sound of his own voice and uses it often. He serenades us with “gizmo” noises and lots of meowing. He loves to play fetch, of all things, and will retrieve hairbands for hours. He definitely settled in quickly and became the prince of our house.
I am including pictures of him with his favorite toy that Grandma sent and also the former mail basket that he overtook.