Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ginger a.k.a. Sandy

Hi Sarah,

On August 3rd I adopted "Sandy" but since the name didn't fit,I renamed her Ginger. I figured that works since I am a Chef and she is spicy.

Anyway, a little update about Ginger: She is crazy. I love her to death... she plays soccer/hockey with anything and everything and loved to chase that little red dot that my laser pointer makes. She chews up anything made of paper (kind of like a dog) and always has to be in the same room as me... not much like a normal cat. She eats non-stop, or so it seems. She is a talker...when I come home from work she likes to tell me about her day for a good 5 minutes while I hold her. She really like to give kitty kisses while I am asleep. We are working on her clawing me and my guests; she can be a little too fierce at times. She was a twig when I got her, but now she is at a very healthy weight.I have attached a picture... and will keep you updated as she continues todo lots of cut/funny things. Thanks again for my new best friend.