Monday, October 13, 2008

Theakston a.k.a. Black Bart

1. How is the new kitty, and does it have a new name?

His new name is “Theakston”. It didn’t take long for him to recognize
that I was talking to him. He now comes when called – most of the time.

2. Has he/she had any medical problems since you adopted him/her?

No problems. His hair is so shiny that is impossible not to touch him.

3. Has he/she had any behavioral problems since you adopted him/her?

He exhibits typical cat behavior. Curiosity and playfulness are always a
whisker away. He likes to open doors, plays retriever with a small
Energizer Bunny drum that has him obsessed, and loves to watch other
cats out through the windows. His personality is friendly, outgoing,
funny, and regarding other animals – curious not hostile. He is really a
poochie-pussy since he acts like a dog sometimes and loves to be with

4. Are there any concerns or problems that we may be able to help you
with in regards to your new kitty?


5. Any additional information you would like to share?

Theakston is a wonderful cat and it is a great joy to share our home
with this new friend. He is a constant form of entertainment, and a
terrific companion.

6. Were you happy with how you were treated by our staff/volunteers
during the adoption?


7. Were you given the appropriate information when you adopted?

8. Are there any suggestions or comments you have that might help our
organization in the future?

Nothing I can think of. Thanks for your work in protecting cats.