Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lucy & Otis

Hi Sarah,
Just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know that Lucy and Otis are doing great at there new home here in Denver. Lucy, A.K.A. Psycho Kitty, is so awesome. She is my people greeter. She just loves people and when someone comes over she is there quivering her tail and loving on there legs. She still has her little trill she does and squeaks. She love to eat what ever you eat, she thinks she is human.....lol. She loves to kneed and lay in anybodies lap that is open. I had to get a trashcan with a lid because P.K. loves to dig out Qtips. So every morning when I get out of the shower she get a clean Qtip and will burry them under the rug like a dog. I cannot believe that she was adopted and returned twice..... My gain!!!! Otis is very reserved with strangers, but is a definite love bug with me. He loves to sleep on my pillow with me at night, and in my lap once in a while. He gets along great with P.K. and will chase, wrestle, and groom each other. Otis loves his cat T.V., the fish tank. He will spend up to an hour trying to figure out how to get the fish, it's very funny. He also discovered where the Cat Knip is kept, he tore open the bag one day when I was at work and had it all over the living room. When I got home he was really stoned, and walked like a drunk....LOL!!! I just love this little guy. I think having the 2 kitties around has made my 12 year old Buddy more feisty. Buddy is more playful now and even plays chase with P.K. Just thought I would give you an update. Thanks again for such wonderful kitties. It's hard to believe they are one now.
Take Care, Kim Meadows