Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Letter from an Adopter - Abby & Mambo

Hi!! We wanted to report on Abby and Mambo. They are doing wonderful and get along so well. We actually renamed Mambo, after getting her home and watched how much she wants to eat, we have renamed her Chubbs. It fits her perfectly. If we are eating anything, she has to know what it is and try to have some. She loves to try to get into the popcorn. Chubbs back is completely healed now and her fur is starting to grow back. Abby is doing wonderful as well and loves her cat tree that we got for her. The two of them play non-stop!! Sorry it has taken us a month to post a blog about how they are doing, but I will be better about it in the future! Next time I will add some more playful pictures.

Russ and Tiffany