Monday, April 14, 2008

Miracles Happen Every Day at FCCR - The Story of George

George came to FCCR with his brother, Pierre, on March 3rd. George was a puff of orange & white fur with no tail. He literally didn't have an ounce of fat on his body, and he looked......AWFUL! He and Pierre were strays - most likely abandoned by their previous owners.

It was clear that they had been on hard times judging by their body condition. Although George had the teeth of a 3 year old, he looked like an old man kitty.

Dr. Liz Whitney came in that day to do examinations on any new kitties, and she was shocked by George's weight. He had the frame of a 13# cat, and yet he only weighed about 7#. Aside from being skinny, he seemed okay. He had a healthy appetite, and was as sweet as could be. Dr. Whitney told me to keep a close eye on him.

Several days later, George stopped eating and his skin turned yellow. He was sick!!!!! I immediately began seeking veterinary advice. Dr. Christie Long gave me instructions over the phone. I placed an IV catheter, started IV fluids, & started IV antibiotics. I also drew blood to send to the lab. She came to examine him later in the day and was discouraged by what she saw.

The blood work results showed that George had something bad going on with his liver, and he had some blood abnormalities. Due to financial restraints, we began the best treatment we could while trying to stay within our budget.

Two days into George's treatment I started feeling like all hope was lost. George wasn't showing any health improvement. He still wasn't eating and was as yellow as a school bus. However, every time I opened his cage to do anything, he immediately started rubbing, purring, and trying to climb into my arms. He wanted nothing more than to be held like a baby on somebody's shoulder, nuzzle their neck and hair, and give them kisses.

I was furious that this sweet, loving, beautiful kitty was most likely going to die in a shelter with people and surroundings that weren't familiar to him. I was also furious that we couldn't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on him. With tears in my eyes I expressed this to my employee, Judy.

Judy, who is always the optimist, looked at me and said: Sarah, don't worry. Miracles happen every day at FCCR.

And then....George began to eat....and eat......and eat......

He started turning back a normal color. His bloodwork results improved. He gained 3 pounds!!

Today George, who is now called Winston, is enjoying his life with one of our fabulous volunteers, Andrea. He is spoiled rotten, and living the life that he has always deserved.

Liz, Christie, Judy, & Andrea: Thank-you for helping this miracle happen!

Love, Sarah