Saturday, March 15, 2008

Letter from Adopter - Jag

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to say hi from Jag and see if you may be interested in some cat food. Mr. Jag has been diagnosed with pretty severe inflammatory bowel disease. His intestinal walls are twice as thick as they should be and the associated lymph node was slightly enlarged - thankfully it's not lymphoma. No worries though, he is on metronidazole and prednisone. I had a cat several years ago that had the same thing, was on prednisone on and off for 13 years, and lived to be 17.

Other than that, Jag is doing very well. He has even started to "play" with Raphaela, his little tuxedo kitty sister. I'm embarrassed to admit I now keep a shoebox on the kitchen table all the time, just for him to sit in since he loves the sun and sitting in boxes.