Monday, February 4, 2008

Letter from an Adopter - Jazzie (aka Jazz)

Dear Sarah:
Attached is one picture of Jazzie formerly known as Jazz batting the ball in the tube and another with her enjoying her evening meal after a vigorous workout with her yellow spirale. After the removal of a few more teeth, the gingivitis abated least for now. Yes, Jazzie is old and as I finally realized mostly deaf. But!!!! She enjoys her retirement with gusto. Thank you ever so much for having rescued her from euthanztion. Jazzie is a respected, cherished, and loved member of my household of me and two cats.
Kiss all the cats for me! Elizabeth

(note here - for those of you who don't know Jazz - she was the last of the original 17 cats that the rescue started with to find a home. She had been at the rescue for almost 18 months! During that time she mostly hid and we rarely saw her playing or really enjoying herself. It is sooo wonderful to see that she is doing so well in her new home!!! Thank you so much Elizabeth)