Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pitter Pat News Jan. 13, 2008

Mrrr…Mrrr…Read All About It!!!
Pitter Pat News for the Week of January 13, 2008

Adoption Tails:

Debbie Chenosis adopted little (actually huge) Smokey, hope Jefferson and he have many great afternoon naps together!!!

Maurice, our kitty that had become a white collar criminal in his efforts to feed himself, has now found himself in a very nice home with a very sweet couple. They promise that Maurice will never have to become a criminal again in order to feed himself, and will make sure he gets extra food and lovesJ

Holly one of the kittens Leslie raised was adopted pretty darn quick Sunday by a nice young man who is a pre-vet student, who was looking for a buddyJ

Silverbelle was adopted immediately at Petco on Sunday and Steph and her team set an all time record in regards to speed of adopting all 6 kittens at Petco on Sat in just little over an hour!!!! Way to Go!!!!

My little Bubby was adopted earlier this week, to a very nice young man, who appreciates Bubby’s special love!!!

Valentino was adopted within a couple of days of being out of isolation; he definitely lives up to his name!!!

Solomon the beautiful Persian was adopted pretty quickly after he went to the salon, so the mini Yeti is off hanging out in a sunny corner.

My little Wilbur (foster) was adopted immediately from the house to a great lady who will continue raising him the way he is used to. What a lucky little boyJ

Lynard the very sweet and vocal orange kitten was adopted this weekend as well, so he’s off singing the happies to his new family.

Chat Amour still needs all hands on deck in order to make this event the best ever. Please tell anyone and everyone to come, the merrier!!! We have many auction items to bid on and everyone wins, especially the kitties!!!

Thank you Mary WolfJ Her company does a volunteer matching program; basically they pay us for her volunteer work. If any one else has something like this at their job, please look into it. You’re already doing a good thing and this good work can also help pay for medical care, etc… for our furry friends. Way to go Mary and again Thank You!!!

Also the printer cartridges, especially the small ones help FCCR in terms of money, so please save them and bring them into us, we would really appreciate it!!

Many companies and foundations are beginning their grant year soon. So if anyone would like to help in putting together information and help write a grant or two to keep all the good work that we all do going please feel free to e-mail myself, Cathy, So we can get going on these great opportunities.

Wanted to thank everyone involved in every aspect of helping us and the kitties. I t doesn’t matter what you do, it matters that you do it, and expect nothing in return. Thank you all for all the work you do, and the puds appreciate it to!!!