Saturday, November 17, 2007

Letter from an Adopter - Kersey

Hello from Nebraska,
My family adopted Kersey, a fiesty, female, 11 year old, black cat. We are happy to have her with us. She is one of the family. We changed her name to Gabby, because she talks so much! She is smart and has lots to say or is it...attitude. We like to call her "Gabby Girl". I quickly took some posed pictures with the boys, just to share with your for fun. Gabby is warming up to her home and has started licking us as we love her up. She likes Boomer our 16 year old male cat, mostly tolerates him. Our dog, Max, tries to ignore her but she is so interesting to him. :) Gabby wants nothing to do with him but will allow him to come near her only at a safe perimeter. Gabby has the scariest hiss. We are working through behaviors like jumping on counters (not allowed) and hissing. I think it is a fearful behavior, so we try to be reassuring and talk with her. Gabby is great and cares for herself well. Well, I hope you can see these pictures.
Thank-you for having such a great, clean organization and loving volunteers.
Kerry Kennedy & Family