Thursday, June 28, 2007

Target Practice

Donna here:
These are my new foster kittens-
Squeeker is the one on the left - a little black tortie. Maude is the one on the right, the pastel tortie.

These little kitties and 13 others were brought to us on June 18th. A farm worker "rescued" them from his co-workers who were going to use them for target practice.

Until we can convince everyone to get their pets spayed and neutered, until every feral cat is spayed/neutered, there will always be kittens like these who are born to animals that live on the fringe of human habitation. Usually the life of a kitten in these circumstances is short and can have a violent end. Unkind humans are not the only things kittens have to dodge. Foxes, hawks, owls and coyotes all are kitten predators. Cats get killed on country roads - that's what happened to the momma of another litter - part of the 15 who were rounded up from the farm and brought to us. If the kitten is lucky enough to make it to adulthood, it will then spend the rest of its life reproducing and creating more kittens to further complicate the problem.

These two and the other 13 are lucky. They will be brought up as house pets. They will be spayed/neutered so that they do not contribute to the pet population problem. They will have the care they need to live healthy, happy lives and should never have to worry about escaping from the jaws/claws of a predator or dodging cars to get from one field to another.

More of the "target practice" kittens:

Marmalade and Hot Shot

Peaches & Cream and Piper

Most of the kittens are adjusting to life with humans. Maude is still very shy but she's not nearly as scared as she was. Squeeker is totally into being a house cat and has bonded to me very well. She purrs and plays and is very outgoing. A real heart stealer. Some of the kittens who are the same age are having a little tougher time adjusting. Usually with ferals, the younger you can get them socialized the easier it is for all concerned. Hot Shot and his siblings will be perfect house pets.

If you're interested in adopting one of these kittens they should be available about July 11. Please contact Sarah at for more information about all our kittens. To see an adoption contract check out the adoption page on the website.