Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Hi! This is Donna, the webmistress. You can also find me most Saturdays helping with adoptions at the shelter. I love being at the rescue and helping people find just the right kitty friend. I just returned my first foster kitten to be spayed and sent to her new owner. Last Thanksgiving I adopted a special needs kitty, Bright Eye, who has 3 legs, one eye and cystitis. She's wonderful and keeps up just fine with my three other cats from various shelters.

Sarah asked me to set up a blog for our site so that you can read about what life is like at a cat rescue. I know that there isn't a week I don't leave the rescue after adoptions with a "rescue story". Some of the stories make me very angry at people's stupidity and cruelty, some leave me shaking my head in wonder and disbelief, and others restore my belief in the kindness of people.

I'm going to start with a story from adoption hours two weekends ago.

Isabella is a kitten with wonderful timing. Two weeks ago I was helping some folks adopt a black long-haired kitten they had placed on hold until it could be spayed and turned over to them. They made the comment that they wanted another kitten just like the one they were taking. Another couple, who had walked in the door at exaclty the same time, looked at me and said "We have exactly that kind of kitty." And they did - with them. They had named her Little Bit and she was a tiny 7 week old black long-haired kitten. She had been found at a site in Windsor. The couple adopting the kitten was thrilled and they immediately offered to adopt her as soon as she was old enough.

Since we already had a kitten in foster care named Little Bit I renamed her to Isabel, which my husband promptly changed to Isabella. She spent the next couple weeks at my house. At first she was very scared and hissed when I tried to touch her. But soon she lost her fear and by the time I brought her back to the rescue to be spayed and turned over to her new owners she had become a bold, fearless kitten who purrs easily and loves to play with her mousies. I'm sure she will be very happy with her new kitten playmate at her new house.